Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dishcloths made beautiful

Sorry for the lack of posting. It was not from the lack of knitting of which I've been doing a fair whack but Ive been unfortunately giving it away before I remember to take a picture and do a post.

I take a theme each year (last year it was tams or berets) and gift friends and family for solstice or new year.

This year it was dishcloths. I took two coordinating balls of cotton out of my stash and made a set of 3 cloths per giftee. It takes between 4-5 hours to create the matched triple of the above. I also make a matching I-cord and tie up the cloths with it to finish it off, so to speak.

The extraordinary part is that most giftees refuse to use them for their intended purpose, but instead display them as coffee table show-offs.

They really are great dishcloths and as a friend says here: "They never go sour".

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